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I just finished reading this really good manga called, "Night of the Beasts" or "Kemonotachi no Yoru".  The main character, a girl, was pretty tough, which is the type of shoujo I usually prefer.  Also, despite the ending being kind of sad in a way, it was a happy sad and the (spoiler alert)..... the two love interest main characters got to to survive.  I hate the tragedy mangas.  My life has enough sadness in it, I don't need to be reminded of that and be all depressed after reading a story.  I like stories that lift up my spirits in the end; not sending me into the pits of despair instead.  But anyways, this was a good read, lots of action with a fast pace to it.  The only issue I had with it was we never really got to see any real romance.  The romance was only really starting when the manga came to an end.  But overall, I'm glad I read it :)

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