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Is love just an illusion? Lately I've been on this huge romance kick.  If a story doesn't have some kind of romance in it, I'm just not interested.  I think my female hormones are beating on my brain, trying to get me to produce off springs before my body gives out and can't make kids anymore.  Why have I been so obsessed with those type of stupid stories? Why do I have to be such a typical girl in that way? Why do I still have this crazy hope for a prince that will never come?

Why do they tell such stupid stories to little girls anyways?

The prince rescues the princess and they ride off into the sun set to live happily ever after... True love, soul mates... it's just a cruelty.  I've dated but I've never found a guy I've felt that kind of connection with.  And if I can't have that connection, I just don't want to settle and be tied to someone when there's still a hope that a guy perfect for me might still be out there... But I turned thirty this year. 

When you're thirty, I don't think you can really still think of yourself as the princess.  Your prince already found some other maiden and is living in suburbia somewhere with 2.5 kids.  The guys that are left are the players or the divorcies who already have kids they got to support.  And I can't help thinking, if they got divorced to someone they already swore themselves to, how good are my chances?

Heh, writing this all down just looks super depressing, it makes me a little sick reading it over... Another stupid, pitiful cry for something to ease the pain of human existence over the vastness that is the internet... Just as useful as a message in a bottle thrown into the middle of the ocean.

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